Our Story and GreenBox claims

The team here at West Metro Packaging Co had a desire to bring to market a new and innovative rethink on everyday food and beverage packaging products that we all know and utilise.

The love of pizza prompted us to start with the pizza box!

We scoured the world in the hopes of sparking the project to life! And that's when we found GreenBox! A brand new innovative pizza box that is made from recycled material and has serving plates and a storage container built right in! The super smart box eliminates the need for environmentally damaging materials like disposable plates, aluminium foil and plastic wrap.

We thought Australians would love the idea – not only clever and environmentally friendly, but no more dishes after pizza, more room in the fridge after storing the left overs, more room in the recycle bin, great at the beach and park … it was gold!

After a flight to the US and a few days of talks with the great folks of Ecovention in New York City, we left with the privilege of being the licensee (US Patent 7,051,919) of GreenBox within Australia. And this is where all the hard work began! 

‘Community’ to us means the environment and the people all around us. Our community is our responsibility.

We hope you have as much fun using the GreenBox as we have had bringing it to Australia.

We understand that all products have some impact in their production, usage and disposal, but the GreenBox does have some benefits. The only environmentally and community benefit claims we make about the GreenBox are:

  1. Environmental benefit = The first of its benefits is that the lid of the box has perforated lines that means it can be torn into quarters to use as plates instead of using  plastic or paper plates or dishes which will later need to be washed, saving water and time.
  2. Environmental benefit = The bottom of the box converts into a storage container eliminating the need for left over pizza to be be stored with plastic wrapping and on plates that need to be washed – again reducing the use of plastic and saving water and time.
  3. Environmental benefit = The Box is 100% recyclable – the box is made for recyclability and not biodegradability as this allows the raw materials used in production to be used multiple times.
  4. Environmental benefit = The box is made from 100% recycled materials.
  5. Community benefit = The GreenBox Australia is made exclusively in Australia, supporting local manufacturing and jobs.
  6. Community benefit = proceeds from this financial year box sales (1 cent per box) goes to supporting the St Vincent De Paul Society (up to a maximum of $1000).
  7. One of the most innovative packaging products in the world that customers love.

West Metro are so happy to bring to you GreenBox Australia – supporting the community … one pizza box at a time!