Greenbox Launches in Australia

26 May 2014 12:01 PM -

A faulty take away coffee cup that spilt coffee on my pants and left a big ringed stain on my desk is what started the West Metro journey. After our favorite coffee shop owner received a bad batch of imported cups we started thinking – why couldn’t we create better, cleaner and more clever packaging products by capitalizing on Australia’s strong manufacturing base. We used to be known as the ‘clever country’ didn’t we?

After harnessing all of our experience we created a company that would manufacture original or licensed innovative packaging products to compete on value for money and not just price.

We also wanted to create a socially responsible company that could expand upon some of the good experiences and work we had been involved with before West Metro.

Most important to us at West Metro is our community. In supplying our quality packaging products we have tried to move away from purely financial thinking so that our activities also support the community – that is, the wider society and environment that we operate in.

We at West Metro Packaging Co base our concept of "how we like to do things" on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) accounting framework. The TBL provides the fundamental three Ps - People, Planet and Profit.

‘People’ incorporates all associated stakeholders such as suppliers, customers and the wider community. But most importantly, it means that it doesn't simply refer to the employees and shareholders within the business.

A portion of the profit from our flagship licensed product the ‘GreenBox’ is given to our community organisation partner, Greenaid. This provision allows Greenaid to generously ensure that safe food, clean water and safe housing projects make it to some of the world's most vulnerable people.

We aim to have as many of our products as possible made right here in Australia. The Australian ‘GreenBox’ is manufactured by our friends at Visy Board. We support Australia’s strong legal and regulatory requirements in relation to trade, labour and equality.

‘Planet’ incorporates the environment and we take environmental stewardship seriously. Every West Metro product will seek to reduce waste and consumption. The GreenBox is made from recycled material. What’s more, serving plates and a storage container are built right in, eliminating the need for environmentally damaging materials like disposable plates, aluminium foil and plastic wrap.

West Metro trusts that you will enjoy our flagship product the ‘GreenBox’, and thank you for supporting the community by choosing West Metro products. The coffee cups are on the way !!